"When Diane read for me, she was very specific with detail, but the focus of my reading was about a new romantic relationship. This is something I wasn't expecting as a new relationship just wasn't on my radar. She told me within nine months I would be in the relationship of my dreams, but she also told me something I really didn't want to hear about this.  Nine months pretty much to the day, it all started to unfold the way Diane had predicted. Because Diane was so detailed with her prediction, I was able to identify him as the man she saw during my reading and went with it when ordinarily I wouldn't have. Turns out this man really is perfect for me in every way, he just isn't my "usual type" (the bit I didn't want to hear) and I could so easily have not said "Yes" to that first date. I am so very glad I did and I owe it all to Diane as she told me to trust that this is the perfect man for me, and he certainly is." 

Jane S.    UK

"I was lucky to have two readings. The first reading was interesting and made me think. Diane told me about a move that was going to happen. Much to my surprise a few months later my middle daughter moved to El Paso, Texas. My second reading let me know that I wasn't alone. The spirit of an old family friend was with us. I didn't understand it at first then it became very clear to me as why he was with us. As if to be preparing us for the situation we were getting into. It amazes me with what Diane tells me and it makes sense. I really like the 'Aha' moments that happen after the readings!" 

Debbie P.   Olathe, KS  


"Diane is spot on and so accurate it’s uncanny, she is caring and gifted. A reading from Diane is a gift."

Kaye G.   Fakenham, UK 


"Thank you Diane for your intuitive reading, it was very accurate and insightful." 

Joe Adduci  Bronx, NY

"I am the biggest skeptic going. Dead on accurate Diane! I look forward to more in the near future." 

Linda V.   Conway, SC 


"Just received my Angel card reading from Diane and was very pleased and impressed with how much the reading resonated with me. She talked about career and romance and I look forward to her predictions coming true soon! Thanks so much!!!"

 Maureen M.   Bowling Green, KY

"The reading you gave me was accurate and uplifting. Thank you so much Diane! You are the best."

Cindi L.   Ann Arbor, MI


"Thanks so much for the reading! Your insight was amazing!! Just wait, you will see!!!" 

John W.   Newton, CT


"She is thoughtful, enlightening and highly empathic!" 

Mary Beth W.   Kannapolis, NC


"Well, have to tell you that your reading was very accurate, even what I thought." 

Kristiina M.   Canada


"You do not know me but I heard about you and your work. I just wanted to say thank you for being a true individual. You did a reading on my Mum today and she told me some things that you had done and said.  I told her you are actually a true gifted individual and that you do have that ability." 

Jessica H.   Rock Hill, SC